Comfy Bean Bags XL Bean Bag Footstool With Bean Filling(Black, Orange)

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This faux leather footstool goes great with all of our faux leather bean bags and creates a great furniture set for you to proudly display in your living room.  Forget sofas and ottomans - this bean bag footstool, along with a faux leather bean bag, will bring an amazing look and feel to your room that nothing else can match.Rest your tired legs on this soft leather foot stool after a hard day at work.  Use it while watching your favourite TV programmes or reading the latest book on your list. Your leather bean bag will feel complete with the accompaniment of this lavish stool.This unique bean bag footstool is made from the finest quality faux leather which is proven by how unique each individual product is. The leather is durable and will provide and excellent foot rest for you whenever you choose to use it!
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